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The apparatus used to dab marijuana concentrates ; oils, waxes, shatters, presses, etc.

Structurally identical to a bong, but with intake unit engineered for concentrates only.

The "bowl" made of quartz crystal (πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘), glass (πŸ‘Œ) or metal(πŸ‘Ž), is also got many new and old names and styles such as; the "domeless", "nail", "bucket", "banger", "domer", "hot spot", "shelf", and many many more.

"Dabaratus", along with "Crystal Castle", are vast improvements of the current too commonly referred to as "rig".

The rig, in dabbing terms, stems from a common figurative interpretation of the anology between purpose/results of oil rig machinery compared to purpose/results of anything we are using to smoke up all the oils (concentrates) as we dab up.

The word 'dabaratus' has the amazing ability to NOT induce vomiting (unlike the word "rig") to anyone that is over the age of 25 and/or in knowledge of a/the "rig" being soley referenced as street-drug (primarily heroin/morphine) IV usage items (tubes/neddles/syringes) over the last 7 decades.
Guy 1: "I got a rig and shatter, you guys down for a dab?"

Guy 2: "Dude! Really?"

Super hot chick: "Omg, you still call it THAT?! Gross! You need to get your dabbing together dude. "

Guy 2: Dabaratus, dude, dabaratus.

Marshawn Lynch: "Yeah."

Sister: "Check out my new castle!"


Dude 1: "You got a rig?"

Dude 2: "WHOA DUDE!! I just wana dab up! I don't slam nothin, yo!!"
by ADiaz1234 December 20, 2017
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An apparatus for dabbing, taking dabs(marijuana concentrate, oil, shatter, wax). Similar to a bong, water pipe. Better than the term "dab rig".
It is used to smoke marijuana concentrate(dabs) Do you have a dabaratus? If you have a dabaratus we can get dabbed out lol
by _slow_moving_vehicle August 18, 2017
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