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Generally college students going through a serious and tragic phase of taking dabs, in which they are in a constant state of being beligerantly high all the time; resulting in many failures when it comes to deadlines and life.
"Man we were so dab-tarded last year I don't know how we found a house and signed a lease."
by thedabqueenherself April 01, 2013
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Dabtarded: Stemming from the route words dab ;a highly sought after super concentrated form of marijuana in oil form containing high amounts of THC, and tarded; An Idiocracytopian descriptive word that describes a simple-minded person with an IQ lower than their shoe size. Dabtarded literally means: Smoking such large quantities of oil concentrates that one enters a temporary state of complete loss of brain function instantly reverting the user to their ultimate lowest form, the amoeba.
Robert: Did you see Damian take that 5 gram hit off of his new oil rig ?

Luna: Are you kidding, I got that on phone and posted it online. He was soooooo dab-tarded that he shit and pissed himself!
Robert: Oh snap, send me the link...I'm going to make sure it gets 1,000,000 views!
by PhadeNot January 16, 2016
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