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French. A talented beautiful male or female. They are rare, but when come in contact give a great first impression. A person with this name will go far and bring joy to everyone's life that they meet. They like to give and give and hardly thinks of themselves. That is why if you know someone with this name, treat them well and give them all your heart.
What's you name?" "DaVonne." "OMG Lets be best friends
by Gigi Lola December 30, 2010
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Someone with charisma, sexy as hell, tough with a nice soft side, huge penis, athletic, and an all around stud. He might not always be the smartest or normal but he’s a good person overall.
Girl 1: hey that’s davonne over there right?
Girl 2: yea I think it is

Girl 1: i would definitely let him clap my cheeks
by HANDLEocho24deluxe June 12, 2018
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