DXE is the opposite of SXE which is a life of no drugs, no sex, nothing that would hurt your body in any way. DXE is the idea that you drink as much as you can you do as many drugs as you can and you have as much sex as you can. It also in my mind promotes violence and all illegal activities. Also it is a lifelong commitment once you choose to be DXE theres no goin back
SXE is for faggits, DXE for Life
by Bastard_on_Parade April 20, 2005
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Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is a global grassroots network of animal rights activists. Together, we will achieve revolutionary social and political change for animals in one generation.
They usually will do protests or rescues.
Josh: Did you go to that DxE protest?
Karlee: Yes I did it was great!
by DefinitelyJustMe July 19, 2020
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drunk edge is not merely a creation to oppose the sXe elitism that we despise. we are not just a group of friends, we are an army. we are the felons. we are the revolution. we are everything that's wrong in the world, and everything you want to be.
DxE a lifestyle all its own.
by Upsidedown_Masturbation July 24, 2005
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