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NOUN. A person of abnormally (and sometimes amazingly)low intelligence that often is so perplexed by even the most simple ideas or tasks they are commonly found giving you that blank ass stare that makes you want to reach back and slap them because they look so stupid or sometimes they are found acting on the most ubsurdedly retarded thought process that the same slapping reaction may occur.

It should also be noted as a precautionary measure that duh-dunt-duh-dunts can actually spread their duh-dunt-duh-duntism to others and being a complete moron may actually be spreadable
Ulysses is such a complete duh-dunt-duh-dunt!!!! I asked him to get me change for a twenty, and after being gone for an hour he brought me back the same 20 dollar bill and said he didnt understand exactly what i wanted
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