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The DP-28 is a Russian designed light machine gun used from 1926 untill the 60's when it was replaced by the PK line of machine guns. It uses a top-mounted drum magazine, with available capacities being 47, 49 and 60 rounds. It is chambered in the Russian 7.62x54mmR round, roughly equivilant to the American .30-06. It has a fixed wood stock, and no handgaurd, as it is fired from its bi-pod. It has a built in flash hider and a quick-change barrel system.

The DP-28 was modified in 1943, the primary weaknesses being that the bi-pod was not strong enough and that the recoil spring, mounted under the barrel, tended to heat up and weaken with sustained fire.

The DP-28 was copied in several countries, including Poland. While often referenced as having a low capacity magazine (47 rounds standard); the DP-28 is in the same class as the Brittish BREN (30 round magazine), the Checoslovakian VZ-26 (20, 30, 40 round magazines), and the Japanese Type 99 (30 rounds).

Russian 1: COMERADE LOOK OUT! That NAZI biatch has a belt fed MG-34! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


Russian 2: Thats OK, I owned that douche with my DP-28.
by SuperFly7.62 February 26, 2006
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