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Opposite of a CAT scan which checks out your "internal workins" for injuries/defects, this electromagnetic-field survey checks for anomalies OUTSIDE of the body, such as the presence of demons or other unwanted less-than-genial spiritual "hitchhikers". Not endorsed by the AMA or any other "official" medical organization --- but then what do those highfalutin narrow-minded "blindly-going-by-the-book" lame-brains know, anyway??? --- but is touted as surprisingly effective by many people, especially ones who are into wiccan/meditative healing.
I felt really wound up from having nightmares and other moderate mental disturbances, so I made an appointment for a DOG scan. Da quiet-mannered hippie-fella who administered the test was really kind and sympathetic during the procedure, and then afterwards he performed a free banishing-seance on me; I do indeed feel noticeably calmer and sleep more peacefully since then. Da long-haired dude also loaned me a couple books on alternative healing and thinking, which I am currently perusing in my spare time.
by QuacksO August 03, 2018
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