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Someone who always fucks up a song that you just downloaded off the internet. Says annoying things in the background of a song.
Yeah! This songs the shit! Desert Storm!
by Ricksta February 27, 2004
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Some retard from mtv (that i think got fired recently) that ruins songs.
Yo Yo Yo this is Dj Clue aka Dessert Storm live from the 718
Kanye West wit da new college dropout cd. Cop dat join its hot. holla back
by dingle June 03, 2004
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A DJ from New York. DJ clue was born in Jamaica, Queens and began mixing tapes. He has been fucking up songs by putting all the information about the song in a reverb voice and needlessly putting "Desert Storm!" and "New shit from DMX/Ja Rule/LL Cool J/ Jadakiss/etc". His "remixes" are what you almost always get in p2p
Ruff Ryders: World War III
"yeah. The world Famous. DJ Clue. Desert Storm. The great ones. Part three. Fuck'em all. I'm gonna get rest in peace. MN timberwolves. Rest in peace dog.(20 second pause---->) Y'all know how we do. Strictly new shit. You know run this. Kna'mean? Act like you want it. NEW SHIT! Ruff Ryders! Snoop Dog! Jadakiss! Scarface! Yung One!

Start the song already! 55 seconds of bull-shit so I can hear him scream Desert Storm at the worst possible moment? God wants humanity to suffer!
by Gubgubkolkol April 07, 2007
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Someone who shouts over popular club hip hop songs and then calls it a remix. Also known as DJ Get A Clue. Pollutes P2P networks with his crappy versions of songs.
DJ Clue clue clue...BRAND NEW REMIX remix remix...FEATURING JAY Z jay z DMX dmx DESERT STORM WHAT what what...
by dj clue May 01, 2004
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