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Some retard from mtv (that i think got fired recently) that ruins songs.
Yo Yo Yo this is Dj Clue aka Dessert Storm live from the 718
Kanye West wit da new college dropout cd. Cop dat join its hot. holla back
by dingle June 03, 2004
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A Jew that lives in Israel. He denies the jew in him though. He likes metal and hentai.
Razor just sent me a picture of a snake in
Sailormoon's snatch! ROCK ON!
by dingle March 17, 2004
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major milf
dude his mom is so hott, she looks like debra tait!
by Dingle May 28, 2004
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the HAIR between your scrotum and your ass.
The scrass on my gooch is longer than the hair on my head.
by dingle March 14, 2004
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