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person/n. The nickname of Deftones' member, Frank Delgado. Responsible for the mixing, turntablism, and other DJ related aspects, along with lead producer Terry Date. Is currently at work on the Team Sleep project. Also has his own side project, Decibel Devils.
1. DJ Crook murdered the turntables.... WOW!
by Craig B. December 30, 2005
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The Hardest DJ straight out of the bottom of the map. New Orleans, LA. He chops and screws harder than any Houston DJ out there. Inspired by DJ Screw, he loves Choppin and Screwin like a Houston boy yet he still reps New Orleans for life. His beats are hard as fuck.
Damn man, have you heard of DJ Crooks? He must be sirrup sippin every day with those remixes.
by KREWSKATER March 31, 2008
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