Do It Yourself-er
Are you a novice, DIYer, or professional? You like to do or construct things yourself. You may not be a professional or expert, but you're a handyman in your field.
by icy_toast February 20, 2010
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The DIYer is an article written by Artie Wallace and published weekly in The Rockaway Times as well as in the North Shore Local.

TDS DIYer is another weekly article written by Artie Wallace for website called The Dollar

The DIYer is also the name of the book written by Artie Wallace and published through
Book title; The DIYer by Artie Wallace

You can find out more about The DIYer and Artie Wallace at

On April 29th of 2017, Artie Wallace took The DIYer to the next step by creating a free DIYer class in Rockaway Beach, NY to teach people from the local community. His classes are recorded and aired on his Web TV Channel which can be found at

Artie Wallace's background includes over 30 years in the Home Improvement Field, his work was featured in a show called Hidden Money Makeover (in which he appeared briefly) which aired on The TLC Channel, his book (The DIYer by Artie Wallace) and over 2 years of writing DIYer articles.

The DIYer was inspired by Artie Wallace's desire to give back to the community in which he works and lives. As The DIYer grew within the local community, the inspiration grew to where through his book, classes and Web TV Channel, he hopes o help and inspire others throughout the country.
The DIYer created this himself.
The DIYer updated her bathroom herself.
by The DIYer by Artie Wallace April 20, 2017
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Someone who avidly practices the art of diy.
Pronounced: Dee-eye-why-er
My Dad built this treehouse; he's such a diyer.
by larry says hi October 15, 2005
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