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Comes in two varieties; oral sex or vaginal sex. Can only be implemented against sexually inexperienced girls and usually only once.

In the oral context, a Dirty Rick is where your new girlfriend is giving you a fierce blow job, but before she began she told you that she did not want you to cum in her mouth or on her face and wanted you to announce when you would shoot your load. You agree to her terms to get the blow job. Then, as she's going to town on your dick, you waiting until he is fully inhaling you and then let loose a torrent of cum in her mouth. She will immediately spit out your still spurting cock. Before she can start yelling at you, you apologize profusely and blame it on purported premature ejaculation problems that you have. She will be so caught off guard by your honestly and because she will not want to emasculate you any further, she will refrain from yelling and instead will finish milking your spurting cock with her hand as she silently spits out your jism and wipes it from her face. Then, the key is to break up with her before her girlfriends are able to tell her that 15 minutes is not premature.

In the vaginal context, a Dirty Rick is where your new girlfriend and you and going to have sex for the first time and she tells you to use a rubber. You agree to the terms to get her in the sack. You pull out a condom, undo it, and pretend like you are applying it to your dick. Then when she assumes the position, you never actually apply it and stick your unjammied jimmy in her snatch and go to town like a piston engine. Then when you are ready to cum, you pull out and unload all over her stomach. Just before she can start screaming at you, you confess that the condom must have fallen out because of your size of your purported small dick. She will be caught so off guard by your purported honesty and not wanting to further emasculate you that she will silently rub your jism into her skin on her stomach, tits, arms, and thighs like sun tan oil. The key is to break up with her shortly thereafter before her girlfriends can tell her that a nine inch dick is way above normal and she was just fooled into letting some guy jizz all over her.
That little honey of a freshman was right out of high school so I dirty ricked her last week and have not called her since.
by wood man 7 July 10, 2008
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When you out of nowhere, nonchalantly, show your daughters boyfriend the nastiest cow licking a man's cock video you have ever or will ever see in your entire life.
My girl brought home this asshole, so I showed him a dirty rick.
by Khockeygirl June 07, 2018
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You molest your grandson.
Old Don gave Tyler the Dirty Rick for years before his daughter, Samantha, caught him sticking Wether's Originals in his pooper.
by Dirty Calk February 22, 2019
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