This is when a group of male friends see a hot girl and need to acknowledge the fact that she is hot to there friends, in order to do this they say dikoff to there friend and then waits for the confirmation from there friend by also saying dikoff. This code word is extremely useful in situations where there is a hot girl near by but one of the males is with his girlfriend at the time
two males hanging about with one of the males girlfriends there at the time.

MALE ONE "hey did you see the game last nite?"
MALE TWO "yeah it was pretty good"

hot girl walks buy

MALE ONE "dikoff!"
MALE TWO "dikoff!"

MALE ONES GIRLFRIEND "whats dikoff?"
MALE ONE "thats the name of a football player"
by T-man 2490 February 4, 2008
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Jacka ma dikoff is the kindest person you will ever meet. He has the fatest cock imaginable and will do anything to please it. If you know a Jacka ma dikoff you are the luckiest person and you should do anything to keep him. Jacka's are the ultimate sexy machine and can go all night if you know what I mean.

to find a Jacka ma dikoff search for a wild fuck boy and follow him to his vape dealer after finding the dealer and buying one he will appear in front of you and begin fucking you.
person.1 hey look it's a wild Jacka ma dikoff.

person 2 watch out if he sees you he will begin rapping you.
by jacka ma dikoff October 28, 2019
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