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Three players are required, two men and one open minded female, the female participant reaches down and grabs her ankles while on of the gentlemen takes position ready to penetrate her vagina, the second male enters her mouth, then both men rock back and forth in a sawing motion
Dan and Larry found some old willing stripper with a midget pimp, then for 50 bucks they ran the old dick saw on her all night!
by Bob model a smith August 08, 2005
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1)tool used to insert dick into the mouth or any other orfice one so choses

2)a word play designed to trick an unsuspecting dumbass into asking where the dicksaw is
guy: hey bitch you trippin, go get the dicksaw

bitch: where's the dicksaw?

guy: haha the dicksaw in ya mouth!!!!!
by caz money August 07, 2007
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