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Standing for "Don't Fuck Your Brother," DFYB is a simple drinking exercise that gained popularity at the Princeton Tower Club in 2010. Any number of people form a circle (usually 3-5), and pass some amount of alcohol (a pitcher of beer, a pitcher of Andre, a bottle of everclear and fanta, etc) around the circle. The alcohol only travels the circle once, and the last person must finish it. In this sense, each person along the way must be sure to drink their fair share, or else the last person (the "brother") will be fucked over. Alternatively, if everyone else drinks more than their fair share, the "brother" is fucked over by not being given any alcohol at all.
"Hey, you three...DFYB with this 40?" - The Idea Guy

"Aight sure. I'll be the brother." - The Blackout Guy


"If I add some fanta to this handle of everclear we can play DFYB. You down?" - The Idea Guy

(Group of five people nod)

"Whoever's the brother has to promise not to vom on my couch." - The Idea Guy

"No promises." - The Blackout Guy
by VV2011 September 23, 2011
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