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Colloquially referred to as Tower, it is one of Princeton University's ten eating clubs. It is a bicker club, which means it rejects, or hoses, many of its applicants to compensate for its members insecurities. Its members have a well-documented fetish for horse erotica and are tools. Many members are students in Woody Woo, which makes them powertools. The club, although selective, is seen as overwhelmingly less relevant than the other four bicker clubs and the inimitable sign-in club, Terrace F. Club.

Common Descriptions of Tower and its membership: Assholeville. Bitchtown. Crazyland. Douchebag central. Euphemism for shithole. Fuckface city. God-damned hellhole. Hypocrite island. Idiot capital. Jerk-off headquarters. KKK meeting hall. Loser county. Moldy cuntmuffin bakery. Nasty-ass domicile. Onanism station. Pathetic excuse for a club. Quintessential cockmunchers. Rabies infested hovel. Sorry-ass motherfuckers. Tool shed. Unsightly clusterfuck. Venereal disease ridden dump. Whorehouse. Xeric vagina. Yesterday's news. Zenith of dumbassery. Vastly inferior to TFC
Well, he may have raped and murdered your wife but at least he wasn't a member of the Princeton Tower Club.

I took a member of Tower back to my room last night but he couldn't get his 2 inch penis erect so I laughed at him and kicked him out of the room.

I walked in on some Tower members watching horse porn when I stopped by the club on a Monday night
by TFC is the Future '12 February 11, 2010
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