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A good idea when pursuing a record setting level of intoxication at a party or event (also known as a legendary night), the Designated Emergency Drunk Driver will be in charge of attempting to drive the record setter(s) to the ER before the sweet embrace of death takes over. The most sober drunkard shall be given this responsibility and will be decided by popular vote or breathalyzer (if you're fancy like that).
Jay: We're all shotgunning Four Lokos to bring in the New Year
Mary: That's such a horrible idea. We're gonna need a DEDD
by BaconKills December 24, 2011
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The new term for dead it’s 2018
ysamo:in dedd
me:you mean dead?
ysamo:no it’s 2018
by logan paulllllllllllll January 06, 2018
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