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DCON stands for District Convention held every year to bring together members of Key Club Internationsl from the different regions that bind a district together.

Key Club is an international student led organization which exists in many school across America, Canada, Malaysia and many other countries across the world. The goal of Key Club is to make a difference in not only thier everyday lives but also the lives of those who need it most. With the help of Kiwanis, Key Clubbers fundraise large amounts of money to help other.

Key Club gives the chance to many high school students to not only meet people from its surroundong schools (it's divsion), but also people from other states and even countries.

Kiwanis are an older version of Key Club. It is for those who continue Key Club even after high school.
DCON is ussually held in the spring where many members go for a weekend to meet the people is thier district and cheer for their division in order to win the spirit stick.
For the CNH district DCON will be held in Sacramento in the month of April.

An example is C-N-H district which is made up of the members from the Key Clubs in California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

An example of fundraising Key Club does is partnering with UNICEF and help the kids of Uraguya.
by mojibjooon November 11, 2009
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D-con is simply an abbreviation for deep conversation. D-con has one rule and one rule only: What happens in D-con, stays in d-con!

Some d-con topics include: childhood memories, embarrassing moments, secrets, your love life, and confessions.
Sammi: that was some really intense d-con last night you guys!

Jane: yeah I feel so much closer now!

Jordan: d-con is good for the soul.
by kimmy gibbler and the DA June 10, 2010
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Short version of disconnect. It is usually experienced in BF2, a computer game.
Player 1- "Shit man, there was a tank, where were you?"

Player 2- "I got a dcon, I'll load the game up again..."

Player 1- "EA sucks, let's play some CS until the next patch."
by Unhappygamer November 26, 2006
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DCON stands for Desert Conflict, which is a Iraqi/US Desert mod for Electronic Arts Battlefield 2.
The goal of this mod is to bring togther all that was good from the Desert Combat mod of the original Battlefield 1942 with the new BF2 engine.

"I hope that the new DCON mod is better than the original"
by NILLAA December 27, 2006
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DCON is shot for Desert Conflict, a mod for Battlefield 2. It brings to the player the 1991 Gulf War conflict. Many people dislike the mod because it is trying to be the famous Desert Combat modification of BF1942. After all, they do use a similar name and slogan, and even say in their 'About Us' section that they are they next DC.

Whatever your beliefs are, the DCON team is a talented group and have some nice stuff.
Player 1 - "DCON will be similar to DCOM"

Player 2 - "DCOM, WTF is that?"

Player 1 - "Uhh, desert combat, duh!"

Player 2 - "You dumbass, Desert Combat is DC, and DC ONLY. Don't add that gay little OM at the end of it!"
by Desert Combat May 13, 2006
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