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A fanboy who worships DBZ to the point of severe retardation.DBZtards always insist that DBZ cast will defeat anybody else from fiction.In battledomology, DBZtards routinely exaggerate, downplay the opposition, and outright make shit up repeatedly to put the side they support at a higher level than it actually is, and what's worse: they ALWAYS circle back to the same arguments, even if you call them out as being questionable at best.Some DBZtards even edit Manga scans to support their BS claims.They are such retards for DBZ that they literally believe DBZ is da bestest absolute strongest most fantastic series eva.Say anything implying that another series is superior to DBZ at even one aspect, and they'll rabidly attack you with the equivalent of "Nuuh DBZ is da Bestest!Hell just say something as true as "DBZ games sell poorly when compared to Mario and Diablo" and they'll send vicious attacks at you,stating that DBZ sold far more than any video game series ever released.Or just say an opinion such as "I think Rose of Versailles has superior art work and characters" and DBZtards will rabidly attack you with empty arguments of DBZ being the absolute bestest anime/manga ever in artstyle.

The worst of DBZtards even insist that GOGETA CAN BEAT GOD!
Everyone hates DBZtards. In fact it's so bad that if you don't wank it to high heaven like they do they will accuse you of hating the series even if you are a fan of it.
by CounterSwarmer July 19, 2011
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