Nickname for Danbury, CT, a small city on the New York State border. Also apparently known as D-Block, Hat City, Condominium Complex Planet, and Little Brazil/ Big Ecuador. Known by New Yorkers as "Oh yeah, the mall." Populated mostly by dumb-shits and Subway-eating assclowns. Home of Peter Buck, founder of Subway. Home of a new minor league hockey team seasonally. Somebody used to sell hats here.
DBX is a great place to find GHB, DMT, PCP, LSD, THC and XTC.
by Jack Sprat 0224 March 25, 2010
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Douche Bag Explosion. Basically every guy has a little douchebag running around inside of them and usually it's only a matter of time until you meet it. At that point you can safely assume that the douchebag just exploded outside of him causing a douchebag explosion.
(talking to your bff's) "yeah last night was fun but there was a major DBX when *insert douchebag's name here* tried to hit on some bitch in front of *insert bff's name here*.

by MPants May 3, 2008
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DBX is a brotherhood spawned in the Appalachians. They are know for there undying loyalty to each other and their tradition of excellence. The tradition of excellence is a journey that begins every year, starting with the induction of new members and then followed by several months of debauchery until the closing formal ceremony. It is said that the first DBX became lost in the wilderness and was taken in by a pack of wolves who instilled the wolf pack philosophy into him. DBX is usually followed by a group of girls who tend to their needs and help subdue female enemies.
DBX just streaked through the house and then decked some guy for staring at their balls.
by Mr. Trasher December 17, 2009
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