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Drunk Ass Bitch... Yeah! ( Usually Sorority Chicks)
Drunk Girl 1&2 stumble into Dorm room on 9th floor Laws hall at Mizzou campus.. Richards Room: "Your T.V.... it's F%$&'n Huge! It's like a million times larger then our T.V.!

Second Drunk Girl: "Yeah, ours is only like.. this big. (Makes a 5"*5" square with fingers.) I like your robe.

Man with Bath Robe: Thank you ma'am.

( Two girls exit via door)

Man laying on 'Bring your own bed': Those where some D.A.B.'s... Drunk Ass Bitches.

Man with robe: No... those where some DABY's.... Drunk Ass Bitches... Yeah!

Sam :Hey.. I know those girls.. they've slept with half the guys on this hall... and a few of the girls... and a few lucky door knobs
by Soviet Russia January 19, 2007
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