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Universal slang for every single drug, usually used in school or public places by minors to hide the fact that they are talking about drugs.
Sam: Hey did you get that D-Rose stuff last night?
John: Yes, it was epic
Madison: Wait... is D-Rose a drug?
Sam and John look at eachother
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by Plank Walk July 02, 2018
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when you're just the man, the coolest, and a lot better than lebron james at basketball
"Dude, he just made Lebron look like a fool"
"Yeah he D-Rose'd the sh*t outta him"
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A name for the relationship between the Doctor and one of his companions, Rose Tyler, in the British TV show Doctor Who.
People who use this term are usually shippers.

Some people dislike the term Drose because it is skeptical which incarnation of the Doctor is being referred to. Usually it is the Ninth or Tenth (as these are the incarnations Rose travelled with).

DROSE ia also the name of a lost-forum thread standing for Doctor and Rose Obsessors Society of Evilness.
omg, that episode had so much drose!

i love drose *sob*
by Geeeba August 31, 2006
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What every rapper now says in almost every song to get relevant.
(Lil Pump)"Drose Drose Drose Drose Drose"
by bigleaner June 05, 2018
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When a male fakes an orgasm after the first ejaculation. Usually do to alcohol or male enhancement consumption.

Derrick Rose is an NBA player who was injured after being the youngest MVP. He made several attempts to return but fell to more injuries each time . Getting D Rosed is when a man gives his all during the 1st round of sex & no matter what he can't cum during the next round so he fakes an orgasm.
I couldn't get off after going ham with this hot chick, so I pulled a D Rose & went to sleep.
by Leonard Bey May 12, 2015
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Caffeine anhydrous, pronounced caffeine an-hidrose or drose for short. Purest form of caffeine.
I had some drose this morning.
by DavidMason April 11, 2019
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