A skinny bare arsed mutha fucka, wearing his 3 striped saggers. Comes up on ya. “Oye you, up for some Calvin Klein?” While grapping his stash out of his ball bag. Your reply. “Fuck no, but are you up for some D & G?” While simultaneously grapping your liquorice Allsorts.
by Zebadeebad & The Unicorn October 23, 2019
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dloce and Gabbana, synonym
"I lost ... a pair of D&G grunts to a hen party while drunk at The Three Sisters in Edinburgh one summer. Luckily they were clean on." - TeaBugger Partyhat / b3ta "I Lost..." Dec2004
by hilarleo December 14, 2004
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Shorthand for "Desnoes & Geddes Ltd." which is the brewery that makes the famous Red Stripe beer brewed in Jamaica, West Indies. D&G are the proud sponsors of the Jamaican bobsled team, numerous Jamaican beach parties, and countless hand-lettered signs of private schools in and around Kingston, Jamaica.
If it weren't for D & G, there would be no Red Stripe!
by zubat007 August 2, 2006
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Ecstacy tablets imprinted with the D & G ( Dolce & Gabana ) logo. Very popular in Vegas.
I ate like 3 D & G's, rollin' my ass off.

Have you had the D & G's? Hella strong..
by chomps December 15, 2006
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In Potterverse (aka the universe of Harry Potter), it's the pairing of Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley
I totally ship d/g, dude!
by Tinay June 20, 2007
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Also called Drag Gear amongst NYC club goers who like to be fashionable wearing Dolce Gabbana clothing

Refereeing to all the D&G ads
wearing D&G hat, jeans, shirt he must be gay rocking the Drag Gear....
by Level4 January 8, 2009
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Not to be confused with Dolce & Gabbana, D&G is a persian term for "Dokhtareh Gindeh" meaning Whorey Girl.
Vahid are you going out with Leila? Koskish is such a D&G.

Of course she'll put out, she's a huge D&G!
by Eimon 021 April 7, 2009
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