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D'cruz is the name given to one who stumbles about aimlessly in life, with no clear purpose or motive. They are essentially a person that "cruises" along on a predetermined road to failure, bankruptcy and a plethora of STIs by the age of thirty.

A D'cruz possesses a fringe that, if fully extended, falls before their feet. The D'cruz will proceed to style and fidget with this fringe between 5 second intervals. This is done on a daily basis to assuage the D'cruz's fear of having an unsatisfactory hairstyle based on popular opinions held by the opposite sex. An occasional habit documented from a real case suggests that the fringe is placed into the subject's mouth followed by a brief period of lubrication to achieve an aesthetic sheen.
Guy 1: "You see that guy over there?"
Guy 2: "Yeah. What about him?"
Guy 1: "I heard he sucks on his fringe to get his hair shining like that."
Guy 2: "Sounds like something a D'cruz would do."
by LeanMeanBeanMachine June 10, 2016
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