1. A douche bag in training. A young student of douchery.

2. A child who learns and displays the douchey characteristics of his father or other douche bag mentor.
That 5 year old is a total D bit. Have you met his douche bag father? No wonder he's such a bastard ass little douche.
by CheapTrickett August 6, 2010
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n. acronymn for Douch Bag in Training (see Douche Bag in Training)
After leaving the Affliction T-shirt support group the father picked up his D-Bit son from his ex-girlfriends who broke up with him because he would not move out of his mother's house.
by despot ruler January 20, 2010
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1) a noun combination of 'Delta' and 'Bacon Bits', mainly a name for a kaucasian dog, slighly plump/obese, bichon frise, missing/stolen/hijacked dog.

2) can be said or yelled to clear akward silence or to answer rhetorical questions

Also see d-bizzle
d-bits is currently lost, but will be found!
by Wendy922 November 29, 2006
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