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When you go to sleep at night, and wake up the next day and find your bank account frozen, your bank branch closed and the online bank site shut down. It is the joy of getting corzined on a more widespread scale. When and if your bank reopens, you will likely find most of your current account balance gone.

Don't worry though, the systemically important people (ie - not you) would have been tipped off and would have moved all of their funds out of the bank in advance.

Eurotrash finance ministers have used the mediterranean island of Cyprus as the template for robbing bank depositors to prop up the zombie western finance economies, in March of 2013. Coming soon to a nation that uses fractional reserve banking near you!
Did you hear about Steve? He had his retirement nest egg in a savings account, and was trying to scrape by on social security and interest. He thinks he's about to get Cyprused as his bank apparently went under, and the FDIC is flat broke!

Hope he likes dog food.
by Davester75 March 31, 2013
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