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A person who is immersed in internet culture and involved in things having to do with the internet. A cyberist generally has a hipster style of dressing, but despises hipsters. Cyberists enjoy internet sensations such as homestuck, anime, web comics, pokemon, portal, and various other popular games similar to those. One does not talk about cyberist culture, as it is generally socially unacceptable to like the things cyberists like.
"Did you see that cyberist over there? She kept talking about anime and homestuck and other internet things"
by Cyberistftw December 28, 2011
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A cyberist is someone who's in tune with modern life and gets technology. They could be a social media expert, breaking gaming records or straight up writing code - their skills could come from anywhere.

Cyberists have a vital role to play in society. They're the ones who protect the information we want to keep safe and the technology we all rely on in daily life.
This girl cracks codes. This girl is a #cyberist
by Lucy2525 February 02, 2017
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A Cyberist is another way of saying "Cyber Goth" although they hate the term "Cyber Goth" and that is why Cyberist came into exsitence.
Hey, my name's Emily, Righ? and my life revolves around the fact that I'm a Cyberist and the interaction between Cyberists.
by Emily, Righ? January 18, 2008
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