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Cyber trick is someone who webcams. (Something sexual it seems?) it is used in riverdale and it brings out Betty and Chics “dark side” when they webcam.
“I know where I know him from!”
“He’s a cyber trick! I’ve seen him webcam!”
by Lovemesomeshawn January 28, 2018
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RiverDale slang word for PornStar or WebCam Porn.
Betty: *Phone rings* Hey, Kev, what’s up
Kev:Are you somewhere secure where you can talk?
Betty:Yeah, why?
Kev:Betty, I just remember where Chic is from.He’s a video gigolo, webcam boy,a Cyber-Trick.

RiverDale Season 2 episode 11 “Chapter twenty four: wrestler”
by GrumpyDiamond101 June 21, 2018
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1. An escape from reality

2. Way to get money
3. Live cam pornstar (technically)
4. Used in Riverdale as an escape from the evil side to feel free
Crystal is a Cyber Trick
by jhaacmqnuiecloilnee May 06, 2018
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A sexual webcam used on riverdail by chic bringing out the darkness in Betty
via giphy
by Melanie roper May 09, 2018
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