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The state of being totally owned by a veterinarian, indicated by being fitted with a large, plastic cone around the neck and head to prevent one from chewing, licking or otherwise agitating one's self with the face or mouth. Usually ascribed to household pets.
"Yeah, as you can see, Bosco just got home from getting neutered."
"HAHAHA! Cwned!"
by Cwruidth July 22, 2008
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To blunder any attempt at cooking, whether through distraction, lack of expertise, caution, or especially in the case of egotism (i.e., thinking you're the shit in the kitchen)when it comes to cooking.
"OH MAN!! I was totally surfin' the interwebz and neglected to check on my sticky buns, and I burned my bamboo steamer!"

"DUDE!!! You got CWNED!"

by Nick's cwned cooking friend March 08, 2008
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