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Cwmbran is a very scruffy place well known for teenage slugs and loads of emos.
Very dangerous place when they are beefing with newport
Cwmbran a mad place
by BallyG55 January 20, 2020
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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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Cwmbran is full of wannabe roadman and people selling 10 bags thinking there the next Pablo Escobar you do need to scared though they most likely have there mams kitchen knife in there fanny pack
That neek looks like hes from cwmbran
by My name is not jamie January 31, 2021
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Cwmbran is well known for a few things it has good sights to view and has a plenty of different things to do
Main place to go is thornhill res

Cwmbran hasn't got a good name really but you can still have a good time
Cwmbran-well known to most
by Dip dab966 January 20, 2021
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A rural area of Wales where all the top firefighters go.
oh mate! Where u gonna get smashed on the weekend?”
“Cwmbran mate - top fights there”
by Bryn the bin November 13, 2020
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