A word used to describe something that is sickeningly adorable, cute, or charming. Examples of "cutesy-patootsie" objects are puppies, kittens, Pikachu, or young children---genearlly something fuzzy and cuddly.
Ugh, that little kid is so cutesy patootsie, it makes me sick.

I wish she would stop acting so cutesy patootsie, it's really getting to my nerves.
by pancake of doom February 18, 2010
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A woman with a sexy body but a delicately featured face.
She's got a hot body, but she's cutesy in the face. It's a mismatch.
by nick1091 October 20, 2010
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Cutesy Fartsy is an adjective that has been used to apply to a broad range of situations and actions, e.g., a French movie, a sitcom, something you take a break from, fake happy art image, a banjo tune, a target audience who won't like the movie, a story, something that needs to be perfect, a name that deters you from trying products out; a lovey dovey romance; a way of acting to get someone to do something for you; artwork; a name a customer was forced to use to place an order.
The saying: “Cutesy Fartsy” as used on the internet

From Reddit, “I’ve always liked this cutesy fartsy French movie too.”

“For those of you who’d rather watch some cutesy-fartsy sitcom, try something else”

Drawing mutants with Zbrush, is “just taking a little break from “cutesy fartsy stuff!”

“Those that try to put on a fake happy image with cutesfy fartsy art to boot”

“A new cutesy-fartsy-banjo tune”

“Your target recipient is ages 17 and up, likes hip-hop and gangster movies, and won’t go for any cutesy fartsy artsy shit like “fill in the blank” no matter how much you try to convince them it’s great (and it is)”

“The story is a little cutesy fartsy, BUT the illustrations are just beautiful.”

“It’s not something that needs to be cutesy fartsy perfect.

“Not so spooky but cutesy fartsy necklaces for only 110 pesos

“Don’t let the cutesy fartsy names deter you from trying the products out

“I’m just going to enjoy that movie for what it was a lovey dovey cutesy fartsy romance, not an examination of the future.

“He’d act cutesy fartsy with you, telling you to just give him a piece since he can’t get his butt out of his chair.”

“I am not a fan of animals or anything cutesy fartsy on my toys.”

“The artist mind becomes numb and wrought with cutesy fartsy stuff, and in order to ‘balance’ themselves, they add nasty little quips or . . .”

“. . . because the teenager kept trying to force this customer to use their cutesy fartsy name to place an order
by rav3633 November 04, 2021
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When someone attempts to say something mean or insulting in a cute way so they can pass off their meanness as an attempt at humor or generally make their meanness seem less obvious or more acceptable to bystanders.
Erin: You sure like telling other people how to live their lives, Karen, oops I mean, Candace! (giggles obnoxiously at her intentional "mistake" and looks around to make sure others are sharing in her "joke")
Candace: For the tenth time, we're in the middle of a global pandemic, and management requires that all shoppers wear masks. If you don't want to do that, just take your cutesy-mean act to another store. There are other customers in line, here!
by dictionaryenchantress May 30, 2020
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Cutesy weird is a phrase to describe the unique side of a strange individual’s personality when they exhibit cute traits
by Aeaj October 19, 2021
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