To break through, to come out of something difficult and achieve a dream or goal.
Picture workin’ so hard and you can’t cut through, that can mess up your whole life like an uncle that touched you - Kanye West
by Beau Beezy April 4, 2022
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When your armpit sweat secretes into your shirt causing a dark ring under and around the armpit area of your shirt.
It was hot as shit in that taxi cab even after I took off my jacket I was cutting through. I need to change my shirt because everyone is going to see that I'm sweating like a hog.
by B Sizzle March 6, 2014
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To drive through someones yard, usually not leaving any ruts in the yard, just leaveing matted down grass. Different from a Yard Job because deep ruts are not left in the yard itself.
We gave Sean a Classic Cut Through last night, man is he going to be pissed.
by Colin April 13, 2004
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