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A very laid back town that is quiet and enjoyable. The best place to live; Easy commute to the OBX and VA, unless your an ignorant city person who cant enjoy the outdoors, and find no fun being outside. These people are extremely annoying with their endless complaining that the town has nothing to do, and give the place a bad reputation. Most people can easily enjoy the town and love it here. Either you love it or you hate it.
"Currituck Sucks!"
"No it doesnt, your just a city person who doesnt know how to have fun"
by funandguns34353432 April 20, 2011
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i great town unless of course your in high school. It sucks ASS!!!! no body can mind their own business and they always have to be in yours! You cant even walk down the road without being told your sleepin' with someone bc you walked past their house and waved. IT's Pathetic!
Man, I'd rather live in Hollywood then in Currituck; there's less drama there.
by Lia baby March 10, 2008
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a very small, rural county in north eastern north carolina, sitting right below the virginia border and above the outer banks. currituck becomes a popular destination for those stationed in norfolk looking for cheaper homes and taxes. while these might seem like good pros for a place to live, currituck should be labeled as one of the worst places to live with its lack of public services and absolutely no entertainment. a ride through currituck consists of cornfields, cottonfields, trees, fields, "OH LOOK AN ACTUAL STORE.....", more trees, more cornfields, and so on. people make the mistake by moving to currituck and then complain that its absolute hell because it is NOTHING like the virginia cities sitting above it like virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake, suffolk, pourtsmouth, and the rest of the cities of hampton roads that are very suburban and nice places to live. the only people that are proud about where they're livin down there are the rednecks in their big ole pick up trucks in their nice lil trailer parks.
"so whats it like down there in the country, in currituck?"

"SO BORING! AND FULL OF REDNECKS! i wish i lived in up in virginia or anywhere else but here."

"yeah i love virginia beach. sucks to be you."

"yeah i wish i lived there."
by MICHEAL FROM D@ 757 February 28, 2008
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