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A cuntradiction is when someone says that it couldn't care less about something but their actions display the complete opposite.
If you don't care about cb radio why did you just spend nearly $500 on a new antenna. Isn't that a complete cuntradiction?
Isn't it a complete cuntradiction that you talk about channel 3 and the people on it every day, but say that you don't care about it?
If you say you never go to channel 3 but are heard on there regularly, isn't that a complete cuntradiction?
by Kung Of The Duckheads September 14, 2019
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when a women does the opposite of what she says she'll do
"im going to town i'll be an hour" 6 hours later she comes home. what a cuntradiction
by reapernok March 06, 2009
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