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The coming out party for celebrity vag. The first time cooter gets shown getting out of a limo.
Did you see Britney's dress the other night? Neither did I, all I saw was vag as she got out of the limo, she was right on time for her Cuntillion
by AlanHarper February 26, 2009
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1. The world's female population number
2. A nickname for the ever-gay high school dance, "Cotillion"
3. The amount of ass a virgin, teenage guy claims to have gotten in front of his annoying friends.
1. "Dude, don't worry, there's a cuntillion girls out there for you!"
2. "I went to Cuntillion, and it was so lame."
3. "Yeah dude, Oh I got about cuntillion bitches that night, it was tight."
by Zac LaC. April 02, 2006
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