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The dirty, covertly contagious nickname behind a popular military style of hat, the garrison cap. The hat itself is simple in construction and is typically made of felt wool, cotton, or moleskin. More recent variants include synthetic materials like polyester. It is typically associated with apparel worn on base and is not very practical for use in the field.

The name comes from the top of the cap, which, when triple-creased, resembles a vagina. To preserve the dignity of the wearer, the hat, and the branch of service while maintaining the humor of the name, many troops abbreviate the name to "C-Cap".

Newer variants of the cap lack the triple crease on top, effectively eliminating the resemblance to genitalia, though it's doubtful that the hat's undignified nickname caused this change.
"Only a sailor could describe a hat as a cunt cap!"
"Like hell! The Army came up with that fine nickname years before any of you slimy ship rats!"
"You're both wrong! It was a Marine!"

*this argument continues endlessly and pointlessly until armageddon*
by Jodimest March 01, 2008
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The U.S. Army Class "A" hat or "Overseas hat" pre beret was commonly referred to as the "cunt cap" or "cuntcap".
Soldiers graduating from basic training wear cuntcaps when in Class "a" uniforms before they get to their units. The hat is shaped like a "cunt"
by Donald Lee December 27, 2006
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A certain haircut popularized in the early 2010s consisting in a layer of short blonde and light brown hair brushed over underlying dark brown hair. Worn almost exclusively by bitchy middle class soccer moms with an overinflated sense of entitlement. Also known as the "I want to speak to your manager" haircut.
Adam: Goddamn! Can you believe that bitch? She must have screamed at the manager for a half hour just because I didn't fill her cup all the way to the top with whipped cream!

Joe: I think I've seen her before, what did she look like?

Adam: Gaudy shades, bedazzled iPhone case, a PINK! sweater, and yoga pants.

Joe: Oh! the one with the cunt cap?

Adam: Yeah, that's the one.
by TheFistOfMan September 19, 2015
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