Cunch means countryside, a place where drug dealers usually go to sell class A drugs away from the police and public.
AJ: Yo kev i might go cunch to sell some food
Kev: Yeah yeah i'll come too
by sexaiboi January 2, 2018
Means country but it is used by the youth to denote a far away area in order to sell drugs.
Lost youth: Yo I went cunch last week and I made bare p fam ya get me my brudda!!!

Another lost youth: Rah fam I beg you take me cunch with you next time.
by Nomadic Warrior July 22, 2017
Hey, What cunch are you from?

In my home cunch we do a certain action.
by HarrisonS August 29, 2010
Combination of the word punch and cunt. Cunch is a deep, penetrating punch to the cunt.
by Cunch April 8, 2004
A combination of Hunch and Cunt. An intuitive feeling or premonition that someone is a Cunt.
Did you meet the new guy in accounts?

Yeah I've got a Cunch about him.
by SunnyGrass December 8, 2010
When a woman is a total bitch and needs to be cunched.
by Amy Gillespie January 2, 2009
A) a combination of a cunt and a bitch
B) a term used to describe the amount of intense dislike towards a female or gay man.
by Frank November 27, 2003