When a person locked inside a box or case with no possible escape or way to get help starts masturbating because they have nothing else to do. They just keep jacking off while the case just keeps filling up more and more with cum. Even when they realize they're going to drown, they just keeping jacking off until they're completely encased in cum. In 700,000,000 years, when future man discovers him 150 feet beneath the surface of the Earth, the case has completely rotten away yet the cum remains, frozen solid. They crack open the petrified cum to release the now primitive man within like breaking open an iceblock to release a neanderthal. This solid cum, encasing a man like a fly in amber, is called a cumberg.
"Dr. Xorlak: You have been encased in cum for a million and a half years, how do you feel?
You: I'm sorry all my friends and family are dust, even every kind of life I knew has evolved to a new form, but I'm glad to be released from that cumberg."
by Orreman August 4, 2020
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When ejaculating in a bathtub, jizz will float together and look like an iceberg.
Except made of cum.
I had to steer clear of the cumberg last night.
by TitanicSinker August 23, 2019
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The Sacred land of Cumberg. Land founded by big-dicked men. An Obsidian Castle with Milf Maidens.
Do not speak of the Holy land Of Cumberg.”
by xtiju July 5, 2021
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