When a girls uses another guy's cum as lubricant for giving the second guy either a handjob, titfuck, blowjob or creampie.
Hot wife cuckolds her husband with a big cock stud. The stud cums in her hands. She then rubs the cumload over her hubby's cock using the Cum as Lube to give him a sloppy handjob.
by http://onlycuckold.com November 5, 2017
When a man have creampie into a woman vagina and another man or the same use the cum as lubricant for his dry penis.
when a man use a woman cum on his cock to fuck the same woman in the ass or fuck another woman
Right after Sam left a creampie in Samantha's pussy ,Peter used the cum-lube to fuck her again.
When Lily came over and over, Al cum-lubed her Ass
by Mr Horney January 25, 2011
Using another man's ejaculate as lubricant.
First guy creampies her pussy. The next guy gets cum-lube sloppy seconds.
by http://onlycuckold.com November 1, 2018
cum-lube is the cum of one guy who squirts it on the dick of another guy who then uses it as lube to jack off with.
Matt blew his load on my boner and I used it as cum-lube and jacked myself off!
by eda-skip May 23, 2022