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A seasoned porn veteran. She knows all the moves, but has the ability to think outside the box (no pun intended). She is innovative with the regular routines, but more importantly, she creates new and particularly filthy sex acts. This is a compliment rather than an insult.
Wow, that bitch can consistently blow cum bubbles out of her ass, she really took the cum fart to the next level. I bow to you. Ron Jeremy will tap you on both shoulders with his triumphant schlong; you shall be knighted a true cum artist.
by Simon Lexington March 18, 2008
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A Cum Artist is a person who uses a celebrity's photo, or a picture of a really hot girl as inspiration to jerk off on and "paint" their face or body with their cum-shot. They can dedicate their art to one celebrity or many, and are extroverts wanting their photos published online for all to see. The newer artists have turned to video capturing the facial or body shot with sound.
The Shania Twain Cum Art gallery features pictures and video from various Cum Artists around the world.
by Art for All December 05, 2011
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A male who is skilled in the art of pulling out and shooting his wad messily in such a way that it blankets his partner's body in what looks like a piece of modern art.
Dude, i'm a cum artist. I pulled out on her last night and shot my wad, and when i looked down i think i recreated the Moan-a Lisa.
by Narakukat May 07, 2016
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