When a guy is fingering a girl, he sticks index finger in her pussy

palm side up, and does the motion as if saying come here, and in the process, fingers the cum out of her.
Baby spread your legs so I can finger u and make u cum hither till u shake.
by Noresun2noAmy2 December 13, 2021
The action of moving ones finger in a beckoning motion while in a vagina to stimulate the g-spot.
It’s best to do some clit stimulation as well as fingering if you want her to really cum hither.
by snakefarm69 February 7, 2022
When she puts her finger in your ass and starts curling it in the come here motion. This When done right can cause anal execution
Jez.... krissie made me cum last night when she cum hitherd my ass.
by The Plumber Jezza J October 21, 2022