When romantic partners compete in a race to see which of the two will cum first. They can use tactics on each other to speed the process but usually this will be a double edged sword.
Damn, Victoria left me after I went up 5-1 against her in our Cum Wars series.
The act of competing to cum on your partners cloths faster and more often than your parter can. the one with the nastiest items at the end looses.
The other night we had a Cum War and I had to wash all of my cloths again.
by chris the man vw March 17, 2008
When a couple decides to have a child,
not for the pleasures sake.
And when the male ejaculates, the cum that makes her pregnant is reffered to as "War Cum".
Ohhh.... man Mike, too bad that last intercourse ended in war cum
by Wunderstake January 24, 2005