When a guy squirts his cum all over his partner after a vigorous fuck!
Kiersten : So babe what are we doing after work?

Chad: I thought I would brush your long blonde hair, kiss your beautiful face & neck, caress & lick your soft puffy breast's, pound my hard penis in your tight pink vagina turn you over and tap your nice firm ass, then give you a Cum Shower before I have to go home to my wife & 3 brats!

Kiersten : Oh WOW your so amazing cant wait! to taste your yummy cum!!
by SlopNChop January 3, 2017
when a woman is going to cum but instead showers the partners genitalia with stinky pee.
Alta gave jon a stinky yellow cum shower.
by Pete the pistol May 10, 2009
When you jizz in the shower and it gets all stringy and weird
Robbie: why does shower cum happen?
Charles: hell if I know
by HTW92565 December 11, 2015