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When you havn't jacked off in a long fucking time and you have sex and you cum so much it fucked blows her vagina up ( Like in scary movie ) LMAO!
Zach aka Lice Z4ch1 was so horny off Louis he couldnt help it and jacked off and made a huge cum rocket and blew his moms head off.
by xxplosive2009 July 19, 2005
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A game where you masturbate and try to catch your semen in your mouth
"Whats all over Jimmy's face?"

"Oh! He was playing Cum Rocket!"

"That is repulsive"

"I don't know, I have fun doing it." /:
by Ravenclawforlife February 01, 2010
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- propelled flow of cum in replace of snot as an sneeze
Hey babe don't rub your cock down my face tonight. I don't want cum in my nostrils. I have a big meeting tomorrow. Wouldn't want any cumrockets happening.

-- just imagine going to an important meeting and sneezing while cum propels and splats all over your bosses face
by stayflyyson September 07, 2013
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When you cum with such power that your partner is blown to pieces
Jess: (boom)
by gibbonfart May 03, 2009
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The fallout after giving a β€œmayonnaise booger”. Similar to a snot rocket, but consists of very dense semen.
That asshole thought he was funny by giving me a mayonnaise booger, so I blew a cum rocket back in his face.
by 69CockGobbler69 June 29, 2018
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to cum in someone's nose then they sneeze.
Jesus, Joran's cum rocket got all over cody while he was giving Dan a C-mac.
by cristobal June 15, 2004
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It is when a guy ejaculates into the females/males nose and she/he blows it out like a "snot rocket". Sometimes she/he may let the spurm become crusty in her nose and pick them out therefore making them spurm boogers.
So Jenny didnt want to swallow it so I ejaculated into her nostrils and she blew a nasty cum rocket.
by Patty Waty November 03, 2007
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