An actual eshay word used among all the eshays around the world. You must become an eshay before you become a cuh. @hoesmadcuh on instagram shows an example of some being an eshay and cuh.
whats up cuh, wheres the stash?
Are you a dimmidy dumbass or a cuh
by Hoesmadcuh November 15, 2020
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1. Cuh is short for count

2. Cuh is like homie/bro

3. Cuh as a joke

4. Cuh is short for cousin or cuzzo
1. White bitches r annoying cuhs

2. This is my cuh, cuhs meet ......

3. Idk cuh

4. These r my cuhs bro
by Quay (mixed hottie) August 27, 2021
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Cuh cuh is one of your best friends that you are always at cruise night with and always going to dt with.
Qué onda cuh cuh.
Let’s go down town cuh cuh.
Where the bitches at cuh cuh.
by Andyson1 February 22, 2019
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a international day to celebrate a cuh's birthday and a day for the boys go crazy kings
today is cuh day turn up and have some fun
by dacuh October 09, 2020
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