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a psycho tiny plastic baby that was had in an apartment by the freeway in Puyallup, Washington by some punk ass teenagers who were all on drugs.. i think. The name of an egg/baby for school. another word for fucko. One of the coolest words to say in the middle of a quiet room..or anywhere. because you end up laughing. the first few times.
"cucko!" "have you seen cucko?" "wheres cucko, hows he doing.. or she...? " "cuckos better than your baby"
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"hey guys have you seen Cucko today.. oh just kidding... hes right here haha cucko..dear where are you.oh thats right your an egg. i thought i told you not to come with me to school today FUCKO."
by Popcorninthebestcatever March 31, 2007
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