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A boy named Cuauhtemoc is sweet, considerate and romantic...Sometimes Cuauhtemoc can be a little bit mean and douche-baggy. He's crazy in bed. He has a hardcore bod. He often teases the person he likes. He is good at the 'game'. He also likes to show off a lot.
Wow! Cuauhtemoc is a hot piece of ass.
by StrawberriiRaiin May 12, 2010
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Meaning a crafty shoddy ship held together by cheap Mexican bubble gum and straws with sails made of sewn together Mexican blankets. In Baltimore, MD on 5/8/2008 - 5/13/2008 (In search of cerveza)
So she says, "Look at the dinghy in the bay, hon." I reply, "That's no dinghy, that's the Cuauhtemoc! Quick, ask 'em if they want to come paint our house, do some landscaping, cut our grass, hang some drywall and do other laborous things around the house for a few dollars and some boh."
by Bubba Jesus May 08, 2008
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a big simp and forthy that goes out and macs on a 2by4 tiwg. he also sucks at skateboardng and really is despreate for mens ass.
he is a homo transvestite anal bead person that spanks his "willy."
by 2 by 4 January 27, 2005
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