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The awesome guy/ god / demon / satan worshipper/ slave driver/ ReBoot fanatic/ Obsidian miner/ uber intelligent/ Confucius esque/critical thinking/ badass
Cryston is the bestest ever
by RRD3 January 24, 2011
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Cryston is a beauitful girl with the biggest heart. She loves people. Little bitchy but that’s how she shows love. She places others before herself. That’s how great her heart is. She loves people so much that she shows it the wrong way but her actions are never wrong. We all need a cryston. Sometimes she’s not the greatest friend but if she needs you, she will keep you. Guys play her because they know she’s a key to great things. She doesn’t think she’s worth it and doesn’t often speak beauty and reminder of goodness into her life. Once she does, she’s a great beauitful, creation that’s waiting to be used. She loves you.
Cryston, i love you. Greatest person ever.
by Slay321 December 10, 2017
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