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A term used to describe anal sex with an Asian woman that results in her crying either during or after coitus
Andrew: Hey Darrin, why is she crying?
Darrin: I think Adam just performed crying panda on her
by Blackaliciousx September 15, 2010
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One of the dirtiest moves performed during/after sexual intercourse. The Crying Panda requires the man to be on top
and have impeccable timing. As the man reaches climax he pulls out, ejaculating on the woman's stomach at which point he positions his rectum over the area her thighs meet. Then simultaneously he relieves his bowels and and punches her in both eyes. If successful the end result will should remind you somewhat of a crying panda.
Hey, is it alright if I sleep with your ex?

Yes as long as you give her a crying panda when you're finished.
by NakedMan5000 December 23, 2011
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