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Originating in Richmond, BC, it is a celebration held in January where adults get together after the busy Christmas Holiday season and drink & eat completely way too much. Often times there will be vomiting, noise complaints and ridiculous drunken shenanigans. Every year there is different theme.
I can't wait for Crunkmas again this year, it's gonna be off the hizzy!
by A to the D December 20, 2013
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In a college town, it's the massive celebration that occurs on the Saturday before everyone leaves for break. It takes the place of other holiday parties because mostly everyone will be gone.
I'm mad - all I got for Crunkmas this year was a horrible hangover.
by Zombies Are Our Friends December 09, 2006
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a christmas, but a very crunk holiday at the same time
"molly was having a christmas, but when I banged some lil jon beats up in her hood the spirit of crunkmas was all around
by harold666 December 04, 2006
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When older adults go to casual or semi-casual Christmas parties to have "JUST A FEW DRINKS" yet loose control ending up making a fool of themselves in front of co-workers or friends, and commonly getting a D.U.I.
by ecochrome December 24, 2009
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